Electric Radiant Heaters

Electric Radiant Heaters

electric radiant heaters
The space heater solution
The icy winds whistling around the windows and the snow patches dotting the ground make it clear: Fall is over. If you tend to crank up the furnace and stow afghans on every chair this time of year, you may want to consider warming up a cold room or chilly floor with a space heater. Space heaters convert almost all of the used electrical energy into heat, allowing you to turn down the thermostat …
Control multiple electric radiant heaters from one unit, instead of 5 independent thermostats?

My house has radiant heat, 5 individual zones. Does anyone manufacture a control unit that can monitor and adjust the different zones from one location, rather than 5 individually controlled thermostats? My old place had a heat pump and a Honeywell programmable unit that monitored different zones and controlled the heat or A/C depending on all the different zones
Electric baseboard heat, not hot water.

You don’t have zones, you just have individual heat registers in each room. Each radiator has it’s own valve which opens and shuts according to the thermostat. The only way you can control them all at the same time is to unscrew all the valves from the radiators so they are open all the way, calling for full heat. Next find the main water valve which controls the hot water flow. There should be two wires running to it. Find out what the control voltage is a splice the thermostat wires is series with the valve to the thermostat you have placed centrally in the house. But if I was you I would leave it the way it is. The way it is now you can control which rooms you want thus saving on the heating bill.

Dimplex PUH1500 Electric Radiant Parasol Patio Heater