Electric Panel Heaters

electric panel heaters

electric panel heaters
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What do the various modes on electrical panel heaters represent?

1)Black star 2)White star 3) Clock 4) Half Moon.
I have an economy 7 electric boiler as part of the water heating for my flat but am unsure as to whether this is tied in to the electric panel heaters I have in each of the rooms.
Wasn’t explained when I moved in and no instructions or manufacturer for the heaters so any guidance much appreciated.

The economy 7 water heating is separate to the panel heaters. It will normally heat the tank during the night, this is set by the electric supplier. You will have a control with a boost and a clock on. If you set the times on the clock and select the switch to clock you may be heating water at peak rate electric charges. The same applies to using the 1 hr boost. The half moon is to indicate on the clock which twelve hour period of the two is the evening / night period usually from 6 pm to 6 am. Not sure about the white and black star May be summer time and winter time. Ask your neighbours good way to get to know them.

The panel heaters will I think be slimline night store heaters probably with two control knobs the right hand one is the charge control run at 6 to max and the left is a vent control. open or shut with a bit of in between. One normally closes the vent each night when you retire and then open it when you require heat the next day. You will find that the flat is cooking all day whilst you are at work and by the time you get in at night the heater has lost all its heat and its b…….. cold.
The other metal panel heaters if you have any are just convector heaters with a thermostat control and using normal full price electric

Hope this helps

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