Electric Hot Water Heater

Electric Hot Water Heater

Electric Hot Water Heater
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The Madison County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents:
why does my electric hot water heater sound like its filling when toilet is flushed?

It also sounds like it is filling when no water is running.

The denser a material, the better sound can propagate through it. Water is a better conductor of sound than air. Your actually hearing the cold water flowing. Your hot water heater is hooked up to the cold water line as well. Maybe you have some air in the hot water tank, or perhaps its just the shape of the heater that’s amplifying the sound.

When nothing is running, and its still making sound, its probably heating water at that time, like a teapot on a stove. I’ve heard mine do the same thing.

Best to run electric RV water heater all the time or only when hot water needed?

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