Electric Hot Water Heater

Electric Hot Water Heater

electric hot water heater
Firm apologises after frail gran left without heating
AN energy company has apologised to a frail grandmother after she was left overnight in icy conditions without heating.
State electric hot water heater continues to shut down?

We have a relatively new State water heater that is about five years old. About six months ago, the heater stopped working, and I reset it by pushing the red button on the heater unit itself. I drained the water tank at that time as well. Over the past two weeks, the water heater has again turned off twice, each time being reset by pressing the red button.. What should I do now to fix the problem?

Either the thermostat is defective or the heating element is failing and shorting out to the water.
Most likely the later.
A multimeter would be used to pinpoint the problem.

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