Electric Home Heating

electric home heating

electric home heating
Demand for Geothermal Heat Pumps To Grow 14% by 2015
School districts across the nation are starting to replace conventional electric Heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems (HVACs) with ground source heat pumps (GSHP). Since the 1990s, when a handful of campuses installed the first GSHP systems, the technology has proven reliable and efficient with energy costs 30 to 50% less than the chiller systems of old. Many new schools now forgo …
can I deduct an electric heat pump installed in my home in 2006 on my 2008 taxes?

I installed an electric heat pump in my home in 2006 for better efficient heat and cooling but did not deduct it on my 2007 taxes, can I now take the deduction on my 2008 return?

You can paper file an amendment form (1040X), this form is available on the IRS website (http://www.irs.gov/taxtopics/tc308.html), you would have fill this form and mail it in since the IRS does not accept this form through e-file.
For the future you can try FileLate.com: http://www.filelate.com you will be able to file all you late tax returns here and they will answer all questions you have. I have used this online service before I created an account, completed the forms, submitted the order and by the next day I had my completed tax return. I printed the forms and mailed it in to the IRS because it was a late tax return otherwise they will e-file your tax return when you submit it, Good Luck 🙂

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