Electric Home Furnace

electric home furnace

electric home furnace
Federal funds stimulate local weatherization efforts
LACEY – The Community Action Council of Lewis, Mason and Thurston counties is working with a share of the nearly $60 million Washington state received in federal stimulus funds to ramp up weatherization programs for low-income families.
A question for mobile home owners with an electric furnace?

How does an electric furnace compare with an oil furnace both in heating efficiency and overall costs?

As far as efficiency, electric is tops; 100 percent of the money you spend on fuel gets used to heat the home; none goes up a chimney. The drawback is the cost of electric power is the most expensive. If you have to go electric, consider a heat pump. You pay to move the heat, but not the heat itself. It also serves as an A/C in summer. Heat pumps are only efficient when the weather is above 40* and dry.

Oil furnaces have come a long way in the past few years. They are much more efficient, cleaner burning, and lower maintenance than in the past. Drawback is you pay quite a bit for fuel all at one time, unless you are with a company that lets you spread payments out over the season. The tank can also be an issue with some folks. On the up side, newer furnaces can burn bio-diesel. As for safety, “oil” is actually diesel fuel. It must be mixed with oxygen in order to burn. There is little to no danger of uncontrolled fire from diesel-oil fuel.

Dollar for dollar, oil is less expensive to operate.

1992 Carrier air handler/electric furnace at nursing home in Pennsylvania!