electric heating?

electric heating?

Panasonic Announces that it Makes SANYO its Wholly-owned Subsidiary through Share Exchange
Panasonic Corporation and SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. resolved to conduct a share exchange in order to make Panasonic a wholly-owing parent company and SANYO a wholly-owned subsidiary at a meeting of each respective company’s Board of Directors held today, and a share exchange agreement has been executed between Panasonic and SANYO.
My new house has electric heating but can i fit a gas cooker?

I am just about to move to a new house which has electric heating but i have a gas cooker as i had gas central heating in my old house. Is there anyway to fit a gas cooker in my new house without having to pay out to have the whole heating system changed? Cant i just get a gas pipe fitted in the kitchen for the cooker?

you probably don’t have gas in th street and to install just gas costs around £600 if there is a supply in the street! the use of external bottles is banned unless they can be located 10metres from an neighbouring property so if its new that is closer than the separaration distance of modern houses.

You do NOT have to change to gas heating if you just want gas installed but its probably not possible thats why the heating is electric. (some new flats do not have gas a latest safety rules BAN gas in flats for safety reasons even with special cookers and hobs with flame failure detection)

You’re better off putting the money to a electric cooker – if its a new house I’m surprised it doesn’t have an inbuilt electric oven and hob.

if the hob is the cheap hotplate versions spend the £600 on a new halogen or induction hob which are as fast a gas but safer and cleaner and you avoid the extra standing charge for the gas if you can get it!

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