Electric Heating Systems

electric heating systems

electric heating systems
Turbo Pwr Systems – Contract Win
Turbo Pwr Systems – Contract Win
What is the minimum ampere of an Electric Heating System (240v) that would provide the same effect as water ?

The owner of a green house keeps 660 kg of water around in barrels. During winter the water is heated by the sun to 10 C. during the night the water freezes to ice at 0 C in nine hours.

specific heat of water is 4.186 kJ/kgC
specific heat of ice is 2.06 kJ/kgC
heat of fusion of ice is 334 kJ/kg

Energy to cool water and freeze it is:
E = 4.186 kJ/kgC x 660 kg x 10C + 334 kJ/kg x 660 kg = 248000 kJ
9 hours is 32400 sec

power is 248000 kJ / 32400 sec = 7.65 kW

I = 7650 W / 240 = 32 amps


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