Electric heating costs for a three bedroom house?

Electric heating costs for a three bedroom house?

High hydro bills plague neighbourhood
Despite spending thousands to seal up and insulate his electrically heated home in Little River Acres, Ernesto Parungo’s hydro bill is still $279 per month, year-round.
Are propane heaters cheaper to run than traditional gas/ electric?

Just wondering how the two compare. I have never lived in a house before, so I don’t know how much it should cost to heat one. I have typically spent about $60-70/ mo to heat the one bedroom apartments I have had, but that included using the gas stove and my gas water heater. Now we are in our first house, and we filled a propane tank for the winter. It was $500, but the company that filled it for us said it is enough to last us till spring even if we set the heat really high 24/7.The stove and water heater are electric so the propane isn’t used for those things. If you live in a home with a “normal” heater, do you spend over $500 to heat it for a whole winter? For comparison sake it is a small two story three bedroom house, built well over 100 years ago.

Much depends on where you live and the market rates for electricity, propane, and natural gas. Where I live, heating is the least expensive with natural gas, followed by propane, and electric at the top of the list. The differences in cost are not so great as they formerly were, since the cost of electricity has remained relatively constant, while natural gas and propane have each increased substantially.

We operate our home on mostly natural gas, including furnace, water heater, clothing dryer and cooking appliances. This year, we expect to spend over $1200 through the winter for gas supplies. It’s a newer home, and insulated as well as it can possibly be.

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