Electric Heating Average Cost?

electric heating

Just moved to a 1 bedroom apartment medium size. The heat is all electric. How much, average, will the electric bill be if I set it up to 67 and leaving it on at that rate all day? I’m aware that electric heat is expensive than gas heating. I just want to have an idea for budgeting purposes.
I live in Connecticut, USA and my current rate it’s: .124228 cent per kwh

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  1. pickmefirstplz Says:

    how cold will it be? what is your electric rate is just two of the questions that make it impossible to answer your question

  2. Peter W Says:

    Using "67" suggest that you are in the US. And "Medium Size" – is that by NYC or Wisconsin standards? And are you in Wisconsin or Florida? All of which makes a _huge_ difference in what electric heat might cost.

    A 400 s.f. apartment on the 10th floor of a 20-story high-rise in NYC will cost a bunch less to heat than a 900 s.f. second floor of a frame house in Eau Claire, WI.

  3. tinman97prn Says:

    You can probably get old data from the electric company as far as what the previous person at that address paid for their bill.

  4. pickmesecond Says:

    The problem is, you won’t get straight answers necessarily. When I moved in this apartment, I was told no more than $200 in the winter. My first bill was $400! I use plastic on all my windows, don’t even turn the heat on in my livingroom and kitchen; relying on heat in by bathroom and bedroom only. Why utility companies get away with fraudulent billing has everything to do with the failure to regulate them. I certainly try to get my rights, but you end up making a full-time job of it because all of the sudden, nobody knows English!

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