Electric Heat Thermostat

electric heat thermostat

electric heat thermostat
On the Level: Owner can’t afford not to replace ancient boiler
Q: We have an older house with an equally older boiler. It think it is the original. It also used to have a hot water coil in it. I see pipes for it but they have been cut. My question is do you know how this thing operates? This thing likes fuel – a lot. It seems to heat water whenever it wants and when the thermostat calls for heat it sends hot water to the baseboards and radiators. Even if it …
Is it collectively more economical to turn thermostat off at night, than to set it +. Assume electric blanket?

Assume under electric blanket. Set home electric heat thermostat at 0 degrees? Or set house electric heat thermostat at, say, 58 degrees? 68 degrees? As a Physicist, is it universally or collectively beneficial for the house, the environment, to go to and start again from “zero”? Or for the home to maintain an optimal, scientifically pre-determined baseboard positive electric heat thermostat temperature setting? Considering any applicable thermal coefficients, if any. What is the universally optimal house temperature electric baseboard setting?

Electric heat is expensive the more you keep it off the better.
Electric heat also is very dry, which can be unhealthy for you, extremely dry air can and does damage furnishings, sometimes drying wood furniture to the point of cracking.
Economically, it kind of depends on how well your house is insulated, and the temp differential between inside and out. In extreme temperature differential situations you are better off maintaining, not dropping more than 10 degrees below your comfort level. If you drop below this 10-15 degree window, the recovery time that the heat will have to run will negate any savings during the “off” time.
When you say “beneficial for the house”, yes anything that is stored as you should well know is better off in a steady, temp and humidity controlled environment. And again, that is physics isn’t it the more things stay the same, the less energy that is involved or used

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