Electric Heat Pump

electric heat pump

electric heat pump
Faster Forward: Ford announces Ford Focus Electric
Ford has formally announced its Ford Focus Electric and has promised five Ford electrics in the United States by 2012.
Is a York electric heat pump with a high seer and installed by a reputable company a good choice?

I’ve been told the York pumps are not as good as they used to be.

York, Trane, and Carrier are your top 3 manufactures and they good. The only thing about them is that if a part goes bad it has to be replaced with the original part and they can be quite expensive. They have all the bells and whistles, for the most you don’t need them. You said a heat pump, they are good depending on your location. They are good on the West Coast, and as for the East Coast Northern Kentucky, Southern Indiana is about as far north that you want to go. If you can get a good price on a York then go for it. If looking around look at Goodman, Amana they are good but without the bells and whistles. Hope this helps, good luck

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