Electric Forced Air Furnace

electric forced air furnace

electric forced air furnace
Pristine Carson City home shows pride of ownership
Pristine inside and out, this three-bedroom home in Carson City shows better than many brand new properties. It boasts gleaming hardwood floors, a fireplace, numerous ceiling fans and other thoughtful touches. “This is a special property that shows such pride of ownership.
Where should i put sheets of aluminum foil under my water-bed? Beneath the plastic liner or on top of it?

Under the temp. probe, and under the heater, obv. And these go under the liner, right? Electricity and water together = bad deal!
So have I found the right answer?
Bed is in chilly room in cold house, soft-sided with wooden frame. Will of course be using woolen, & polyester, blankets on top, or maybe put the fake eiderdowns under bottom sheet and use the wool etc. over top sheet. Point is that bed will stay covered with warmth-keepers just about all the time.
Am thinking of running the foil up along the side-walls. I intend to tape the sheets together into a complete large sheet.
Had planned to use insulating rigid foam but decided was too much work to replace the home-made frame.
Am hoping that the foil will reflect heat back into the water, not out into room.
Furnace is forced-air, and electric bill in winter is Awful! IMO, at least.

I doubt aluminum foil has much, if any, R-value, but I’m not an HVAC guy. I do know that pink styrofoam doesn’t have much R-value unless you go several inches thick. Maybe try surrounding the bed in about 6″ of the styrofoam on all sides. Use HVAC foil tape to seal any seams. Then mask it all in something like tileboard.

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