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electric fan heaters

electric fan heaters
Super Saver – Common mistakes we make with heat
December may be one of the most expensive months for families due to holiday shopping, but unfortunately it also begins the expensive time of year when it comes to utility bills.

Will using electric fan heaters help keep the electric bill down?

We live in a all electric house that has a heat pump. I stay at home with the kids so am home all day. Will turning down the thermostat and using ceramic heater fans to keep the house warm help keep the electric bill down? What we thought is since we will be keeping the house warm with 2 electric fan heaters the heat pump does not run,. We assume that the heart pump uses more electricity having to come on instead of running the fans. Are we right or are we increasing our electric bill by using the ceramic heater fans. thanks!

We could get really crazy answering this question, but we’ll save that for later. Let’s look at it this way…

IS IT CHEAPER TO USE A HEAT-PUMP OR CERAMIC HEATER FANS TO HEAT THE WHOLE HOUSE? This question is very easy to answer. The heat pump is about 450% MORE efficient than your electric resistant heaters (the electric fan heaters with a ceramic core); UNTIL it gets to about -10 to -30 deg F; THEN it is about the same. (This depends on the SEER rating of your heat pump, but I promised we wouldn’t go there.)

IS IT CHEAPER TO USE A HEAT-PUMP OR CERAMIC HEATER FANS TO HEAT A COUPLE OF ROOMS IN A HOUSE? Well, this one is kinda a trick question. IF you closed off some rooms and did not ACTIVELY heat them, then the heat-pump would STILL be more efficient; because the heat-pump ALSO has fewer rooms to heat. Electric resistance heating cannot compete with a heat-pump for efficiency (which is why they are so popular now).

Lets attack this problem from another front…Just because you may have lost the battle with your ceramic resistance heaters, you don’t have to loose the war. There’s TONS for you to do NOW by making your house MORE energy efficient. Follow the links below to cut down your electric usage, save electricity, and keep that utility bill under control.  Don’t rely on just your electric fan heaters to keep you warm and toasty this winter!

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