Electric Boilers For Home Heating

electric boilers for home heating

electric boilers for home heating
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My Crown hot water boiler is about 9 years old and uses far too much propane than it should. Please help?

My boiler mate is using about 800 gallons of propane a year to heat water and the house. I have had it cleaned and serviced and still see no improvement in its usage. My home is about 1200 with new windows, siding and insulation. I recently purchased electric heaters to heat with, so I am only heating hot water for showers and such. There is only 3 of us in the house and the boiler mate is still using about 70 gallons a month just to heat hot water. Someone told me that we should be averaging about 15 gallons to heat the hot water. It is a Crown Gas fired hot water induced draft boiler with a bock boiler mate. I have hot water baseboard in the house. Please help the propane is outrageous. I am going to put an electric hot water tank in and heat with space heaters. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for reading this.

There’s a few facts you left out that are critical to the equation here. Where do you live? and how many btu’s is that boiler?

The average hot water heater, which is 60,000btu’s will use roughly 1-1/2 gallons of propane a day. But you are using a “potable water loop” in a boiler. So if that boiler is 120,000 btu’s, then that’s what your burning to heat your water!

As far as your fuel consumption is concerned, if you were in southern Ontario Canada or the northern US I would say your consumption is pretty well right, again depending on the btu rating of that boiler. When was it serviced last? Are you sure there are no leaks in the system?

Lastly…I wouldn’t make too hasty a decision on changing to electricity from propane. There are not very many places I’ve seen where electricity is cheaper. Tell us what you pay for propane a gallon and how much your electricity is per KW hr and I can tell you which way is cheaper. I’m a salesman in the propane industry and I’ve got a calculator that compares oil, natural gas, propane and electricity pretty quickly…

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