Efficient Heating Systems

efficient heating systems

efficient heating systems
Hotspot Eastern Europe: Researchers couple district heating and wood energy
District heating is a widely used system in Central and Eastern Europe. About 40 million people there profit from the advantages of this efficient method.
What’s the most modern home heating system for houses in the northeast?

Or, what’s the least expensive but most efficient system that can be added to a home that was built in the late 70’s?

The house has electric baseboard heaters but I was told that it’s too expensive to operate and that it’s old and out dated.

Right now, the house uses monitor heaters; one in the basement and one in the kitchen. The electric baseboard heaters are in the upstairs bedrooms, but aren’t used. We spend about $2000 a year to heat this old house.

Any advice?

What you have now is the cheapest in terms of installation, and the most expensive to operate. You need to consider if you want/need A/C. If you want A/C a gas or propane forced air system would make the most sense and would likely be the least up front cost. In a two story home the duct work could be an issue. Your other choice would be radiant heat, with a Gas Fired Boiler. All of these are a major expense. You need to have a qualified HVAC contractor inspect your home to determine the feasibility an cost of retro fit installation.

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