Eco Friendly Heating

eco friendly heating

eco friendly heating
Sweco Planning New Eco-Friendly Annex at University Hospital in Linköping
STOCKHOLM–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Regulatory news: Sweco (STO:SWECA)(STO:SWECB) has been awarded a major healthcare contract in collaboration with L.E.B Consult. Building service systems consultants from the two companies will be responsible for planning HVAC and plumbing systems in the new annex to be built at University Hospital in Linköping. “Sweco has successfully conducted healthcare assignments …
Can I interest you in my hotbed?

Is a manure hotbed the eco friendly heating solution for growing your greenhouse veggies?
Gi’ over Tyke, ah ladd ‘ll bray y’

“now that i have your attention…”

creating microclimes by using heat, water, etc. in small doses is an effective way to grow things that might not thrive otherwise, due to a short growing season, poor drainage, lack of sun, or other factors.

the trick is to provide the added protection without using more energy to DO it: manure is a natural way to turn things up a few degrees. nutrients, warmth… perfect. lost knowledge from medieval times? maybe people just don’t like to get dirrrr-ty any more.

Max4Therm Environmentally Friendly Underfloor Heating