Ducted Gas Heating

ducted gas heating

ducted gas heating
No charges following fire
Norfolk’s building and bylaw department will not act against the owner of a home in Delhi that suffered substantial damage in a fire Dec. 13. However, county officials want to get the word out that there is a right way and a wrong way to renovate your home.[…]
Heating for one person?

I was wonder which is cheaper to run and more energy efficient.

Ducted gas heater running through the house at 20 degrees celcius or
a small portable Electric Heater running at 1200W and 230-240V.

Heating is for one person. I thought that the electric heater was cheaper to run, but someone told me gas is a lot cheaper than electricity. So any advise would be appreciated.

Insulate the house. Windows as well. A well insulated house helps whether you are in the Arizona desert or in Alaska. It keeps the temperature inside at a constant temp which is more comfortable than outside.
Do you need to heat the entire house.? And does it need to be 20 all the time(or do you go to work all day and then to bed at night? If so, you are talking only a couple of hours and you probably spend most of your time in the living room. So an elec. space heater for the living room with the openings closed off with a blanket or something is probably the cheapest way to go.

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