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domestic heating systems

domestic heating systems
Game of two halves for Eaga
Eaga, the green services company, made a £5m pre-tax loss in the first half but on Thursday expressed confidence about second-half performance and the outlook for its medium and long-term growth.UK government …
I dont hear my house hot water boiler fire up, is it working?

It is a new system; Flexicom 18hx condensing boiler by Glow Worm.It fires up for heating, I can hear the pump running too but I dont hear any thing for domestic hot water, are these boilers extremely quiet? I put the emmersion heater on to be sure of a shower.Expert comments please. Bristol UK.

I would expect because your boiler is fireing up for heating that it should work for hot water
If it is not working on hot water i would expect you’ve got a problem with your zone valve, programer or maybe a wiring fault as you said it’s a new system
If it is a new system it should be under warrenty

you should call a heating engineer

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