Domestic Heating Boilers

domestic heating boilers

domestic heating boilers
Keep on Top of Your Energy Consumption Over the Christmas Holiday, Says Home Heating Guide
LEICESTER, UNITED KINGDOM–(Marketwire – Dec. 6, 2010) – With Christmas fast approaching many homeowners are preparing to deck their homes with festive lights and decorations. And while it’s good to get into the festive spirit, Christmas is also a time when homeowners can neglect their energy saving efforts.
Oil boiler issue.. Poor Domestic Heat?

I have a Magic Heat boiler for forced hot water heat and domestic water. I have had a few year of performance issues and my oil company that I have a contract with is only turning up the Hi/Low (So i just figured out). My issue is not with the house heat as that is great though with them turning up the heat, my bleeder valves seem to be leaking. Anyhow, I was looking over the boiler and they have it set to 220 and that seems REALLY high and the oil use has gone up considerably over the past years. After looking deeper, I see that the mixing valve is leaking water (white milky) and I think that my issue is that the valve and the boiler need attention. I found stuff online to clean the coil and I also found some replacement scald valves but don’t know if I should do the work. I have no issues with stuff under the sink but am unsure what I need to know if any before attempting this myself. Advice would be awesome..

call in a real oil/ furnace / master plumber and yes it will cost you money , but to run a boiler over 212 is asking for trouble the only reason it doesn’t boil is due to the pressure ( that raises the boiling point ) the amount of fuel you are using will be lowered considerably with a properly tuned and functioning unit . Any oil company that allows your boiler to get in such a state of bad maintenance should be replaced along with the valve and the bleeder .ive seen this mostly with company that give ” free service/maintenance ” with a higher cost of fuel to cover it . i just did a remodel where this was done and the unit backfired ( some people call it a puff- back ) and wow what a mess .
oh and they had to pay 1100 to fix all of the maintenance issues that were neglected by the oil company for years

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