Dog House Heater

dog house heater

dog house heater
Elderly woman killed in house fire in Mayflower
Authorities say an elderly Mayflower woman has died in a house fire in central Arkansas.
How to make my 5 month old dog like his crate when we are away?

We have a Golden Retriever/Standard Poodle Mix and he stays outside in our fenced in yard when we are not home. We bought a dog house that’s on our covered porch, I installed a heater, and insulated it. But when the temperature gets too cold, we will have to crate him inside. He loves to sleep in the crate that’s in our bedroom at night when we are in there with him, but when we put him in it when we have to leave for work, he hates it. He barks continuously while we are gone (neighbors hear him) and usually pees or poops in it. Thanks for your recommendations!

Doesn’t have to…only needs to be trained to SHUDDUP when told!!!

Buy a good/real bark-collar (not the useless squirt kind!)& use it on the BYBd mutt.

*&*can easily/safely stay outside 24/7/365!!!

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