Diy Home Heating

diy home heating

diy home heating
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Our electric bill is outrageous- any suggestions on a simple solar system set up that’s DIY?

We recently built a recreational home that’s only used on weekends and the heating of it (60) is running high $$.( It’s well insulated) (2300 sq ft) Is there a solar system that we could do ourselves, low cost (under $500), and that would be removable in the warmer months?

Solar doesn’t work very well in the winter – not enough sun. Codes generally do not allow self setup because there is a very real danger and it has to be wired so there is no feedback into the wire system (or electric company workers up line could be fried). Also, it’s generally not a good idea to run intensive users of electricity on solar (like heating); it takes way too many expensive panels to do this. Batteries (close to $200 each) would be needed for darkness heating and they don’t last long if they are brought down more then 50% very often. You would also need a generator if it were cloudy, an inverter, and a controller. You’d be looking at closer to $5000 then $500.

I think you might do better with vented propane space heaters. Generally propane costs less to heat with then electricity and you only have to heat rooms you are using at the time. You can get them with thermostats so the house can be kept at, say, 50F when you are not there. However, I doubt you could do this option for $500 or less either.

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