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dehumidifiers for home

dehumidifiers for home
Burnsville school to reopen Wednesday
A Burnsville school will reopen Wednesday, three days after a water pipe burst and flooded the building. Classes were canceled Monday and Tuesday for cleanup at Nicollet Junior High School after a water pipe burst in the school’s main office on Sunday.
Who is responsible for higher than normal utility bills caused by landlord repairs?

Out water heater caught on fire and caused a hose to burst. The entire first floor of our townhouse was flooded. We had multiple fans and dehumidifiers running in our home for over a week. The water and electric bills are going to be due in a couple of weeks and are considerably higher than normal. We also had to take our daughter to the doctor for smoke inhalation. Who is responsible for the charges incurred? Our landlord has not offered to pay for anything. We don’t have insurance for our belongings so I know we are on our own for the damage caused to them. But what about the utility and doctor bills? I’m not sure what I have the right to expect from my landlord.

Well you must break all three expenses down seperately. Your landlord is not responsible for the doctor visit if he/she took ordinary care. Meaning that he/she did not know that the water heater was going to catch on fire. The water bill is not his/her responsibility because there was no way of knowing that the hose would burst regardless of the age of the hose. The electric bill could be partially the landlord’s responsibility because the fans and the dehumidifiers were running to dry out his property. However, if you were doing it for your comfort and enjoyment and not because he instructed you to do so then he is not responsible for that also. In the end, it really comes down to the terms of your lease and which state you live in.

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