Current Home Heating Oil Prices

current home heating oil prices

current home heating oil prices
Prevailing headwinds
When the wind blows, he’s often able to generate enough electricity to supply his home’s power needs, and he believes that with enough other conservation efforts, he might be able to replace his oil heating system with electric heat. […] the market for medium- and large-scale wind projects has slowed dramatically this year, here and across the country, for a variety of reasons, including low …
If a man posessed a technology to solve the world’s energy problem and global warming, would you be interested

A new technology allowing the making of biodiesel fuel without enviromental waste or bi-product concerns and that will cost nearly 50% less then current fuel prices has been developed. With a second stage development of limitless amounts of feedstock(vegetable oil) made from earths greatest resource of plant oil that can be regenerated easily and quickly, this new technology could easily replace petroleum based fuels both for automotive and home heating at a fraction of the cost and impact on the enviroment. Looking for an investor who does not care about the amounts of money he will make from his investment, but will do it for the betterment of mankind and his enviroment. Greed does not make a good business partner!

You are looking for an investor who is not interested in return? That’s not investing, that’s charity. Sounds to me like you’re asking for free money and cloaking it in an environmental scam.

We don’t have enough farmland to grow enough crop to make enough biodiesel to meet our energy needs. Besides, we need to use farmland to feed ourselves. There is also no way that your process is a “fraction of the cost” of petroleum fuel. The reason we use gasoline and not alcohol to fuel our cars is that even though we can make alcohol from grains and other starchy plants, and even though it is fairly inexpensive, it is _WAY_ more expensive that what it costs to recover and refine crude oil.

Plus, biodiesel produces as much greenhouse gas as gasoline or diesel. It is a hydrocarbon after all.

So let’s sum up. Your statements have no scientific basis, you are asking for money and basically promising no return. You are taking advantage of the current environmental hysteria.

Anyone who invests in you deserves to lose all their money, which is surely what will happen. Take your scam somewhere else.

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