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current heating oil prices

current heating oil prices
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Fuel Oil – have extra – now what?

Our landlady is replacing our oil furnace with an electric heat system in two weeks, but I still have planty of fuel oil left ( and am still paying for it) Before I call the oil company to come get the extra oil, is there anything I should know? Such as current price of oil? Should I be reimbursed for the price it was when I bought it if the price is lower now? Can I sell the oil myself if i am not pleased with the deal? I dont want to get ripped off. Thanks.

can you get your landlady to put off installing the electric heat system until you use up your oil? Or maybe, don’t turn on the electric heat until the oil is used up. Yes you can sell it yourself if you have paid for it, but it might be hard to find a buyer. You would get a greatly reduced price out of it though. [unless you are lucky]. Personally, i don’t think the oil interested in buying back the oil, but you could try. Best i can offer you, Cassie. good luck

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