Cost Of Home Heating Oil

cost of home heating oil

cost of home heating oil
PSU Expert: Wood is Best Way to Heat Home
At today’s fuel prices, burning wood remains a wise and viable option to reduce home-heating bills, according to a forest resources expert in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences.
What’s the most cost efficient way to heat your home?

We are going to have to replace our hot air oil burning furnace. I was just wondering if it might be worth considering switching to a completely different form of heating?
Fyi, it would cost $4000 to replace the furnace, and at current fuel prices (sigh) we spend about $1200 on oil deliveries each year(of course that would go down a bit with a new system). We only have a tiny home, not much more than 600 sq ft.
Thanks so much to everyone who answered seriously.

Natural gas this year. Solar heat for the long run

Cost Of Home Heat To Rise