Cost Of Heating Oil

cost of heating oil

cost of heating oil
Leominster’s heating assistance program runs out of money
LEOMINSTER — The $8,500 approved by the City Council in December to supplement the city’s exhausted heating assistance fund has been spent, said Mayor Dean Mazzarella, and families in need of heating help must now wait until more money is generated.
Can you afford to pay $1,300 for a tank of heating oil?

A relative who winters in florida, called to have her home heating oil tank filled. She leaves her heat on 50 degrees in the winter while shes gone so the pipes dont freeze. She just got the tank filled and was shocked when it cost twice as much as last year. If you winter in the north, Just imagine what it will cost to heat your home this year. Natural gas and electricity are supposed to double.

No, I sure can’t. So I guess I will be one of those found dead hugging their heaters. Very hard times are coming people. prepare your self.This is not a scare tactic, It’s a reality. check. Just like we thought we would never see gas prices,this high. And we have seen nothing yet. So for the sake’s of your family, please know who you are voting for. no matter where you like them or not. We are talking about survival here…These politicians can afford these prices, We the the average American can not. and once they get your vote, to heck with you. please keep that in mind. Has any politician every called you to see if you had all you need. No they haven’t, and they’re not about to start now. Vote for the best interest of your family. if you care about their welfare. Presents: A and N Heating Oil Breast Cancer Awareness Truck