Condensing Gas Boilers

condensing gas boilers

condensing gas boilers
American Foods Group Honored with Governors Award for Excellence in Energy Management
Madison, Wis. – American Foods Group AFG of Green Bay, Wis. was recently honored for earning the prestigious Governors Award for Excellence in Energy Management. This award is in recognition of American Foods Groups dedication to adopt energy-efficient and sustainable practices in Wisconsin. AFG, home to 1,500 employees, harvests 2,100 head of cattle daily and sends its meat products to grocery…
Oil versus Gas for cetral heating?? pros and cons?

Ive moved into a new property and need to install a new central heating system as it used to have old night storage heaters. Im going to put in a combi condensing boiler but am not sure which to fuel to go for, Gas or Oil. Which is the best option? what are the pros and cons for each? I live in the countryside and dont have a mains for Gas so will need to get a storage tank whether it is gas or oil.

I have propane and its great but my furnace is 92% efficent! Our friends have oil and they are now paying $4.89 a gallon , way more than propane!!!

I have used oil and gas also and gas is so clean and efficent and oil leaves a film in the house, maybe the more efficent ones don’t today but I would never go back to oil again to find out!!!!

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