Compare Heat Pumps

compare heat pumps

compare heat pumps
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why do people think solar power is energy efficent?

at cost it runs 3 to 1
but a old fashioned heat pump runs 5 to 1 , and the amount of crap that goes into solar panel construction out ways the total benefits and finally the things are nearly impossible to repair compared to heat pumps , so the panel is scrapped and a new one fitted

Your use of Solar Power is kind of vague. Passive systems are very efficient because if they are set up right, they use virtually no power, or can be rigged to run on nothing.

The most basic of basic is just letting the sun come though a south facing window during the day. I have even seen jars of water and rock boxes used to retain heat for the evening hours.

I think you are going on about PV systems that generate electricity. They vary in performance, and performance can vary on installation. If you mount them on moving platform that can follow the sun, you will get the most use, or efficiency out of them. To complicate, you just cannot hook these things to your house. All have to go though a conversion to AC, and the equipment used can effect that efficiency as well. In short, it would be hard to judge what your basing your figures on until you specify the exact set up, the stated outputs, the actual outputs, the entire set up, and where you live.

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