Commercial Gas Boilers

commercial gas boilers

commercial gas boilers
Natural gas comes to the Cape Region
Two high-profile businesses in the Cape Region are making a transition to an energy source until now normally unavailable in eastern Sussex County – natural gas.
Gas heater problem Commercial?

Hi everyone. Just a question as im in need of some help. I have just started a new job in a hotel and there are continual problems with the heating boilers. It runs from gas. There are 2 conrol units on the wall with a knob to turn the temperature up higher or lower. Some how they are both connected. The guy who had the job before me couldnt speak much english so i gained very little from him. they are both the same and have red and green lights. When the light goes red on one of them it causes the central heating to not work in that area. I cant work out what the problem could be. I uppered the water pressure as it was really low. Anynody have any ideas? Thanks

not much to go on, you will need to experiment with the system and learn what you can about it. only to one adjustment at a time and see what it does. After a few hours, you should be able to understand how the system operates.

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