Commercial Electric Heater

commercial Electric Heater

commercial electric heater
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I need a Plumbers Help with water heater at an apartment Complex.?

I have a 6 unit apartment complex with a 80 gallon electric water heater. The units are two bedrooms, and I am starting to get complaints about there not being enough hot water. Before i spend a couple thousand buying a larger commercial water heater i would like other options.

Could I run a second water heater in line with the first so that one feeds into the other. So one water heater heats the water and the other just maintains during low times.
Could I run an electric tankless water heater first to heat the water before it goes into the 80 gallon tank, in order to keep the supply of how water greater.

If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreaciate it.

use 2 water heaters, if they were gas it would be best because they have a better recovery rate. In either case, a second water heater added in tandem with the first gives you an additional 80 gallons of hot water. They have to be balanced when the new one is installed so one heater is not getting more water drawn out than the other. It has to be equal or close.

I used to rough in 3 story apt buildings with 83 1 bedroom units in it for senior citizens. If memory serves me correctly we used 3 100 gallon gas heaters with 1 extra as a backup in case 1 went bad. If that gives you any indication of how much more efficient gas is.

I’m not entirely certain they make a tankless water heater big enough for what you need to use it for.

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