Cheap Pool Heaters

cheap pool heaters

cheap pool heaters
Carbon pricing: where death and taxes collide
Kicking off with a fixed price means the carbon price architecture sketched by Labor and the Greens is born as a tax, not some quasi market-based system.
Has anyone set up a solar pool heater? Does it work?

Our gas pool heater adds a huge cost onto our gas bill. It needs maintenance now. Has anyone set up one of the solar pool heaters. They look cheap & not very durable – but do they work?

I have 2- 2’x20′ solar panels, black. They are attached to my above ground pool and existing filter pump. You can add more panels for underground pools. They work good,added 10 degrees on sunny days. Would work better if mounted to roof of house as ground mounting is a bit more difficult. You will want to get a solar blanket/pool cover also, as this helps add up to 10 degrees too. Plus, for the really hot days, it’s best to get a diverter kit for it also. Be sure you have enough hose for the location to pump and back to pool.
I purchased mine off eBay.

Pool heater made from spare parts