Cheap Home Heating

cheap home heating

cheap home heating
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what is a safer, cheaper and more reasonable alternate home heating source, (propane, kerosene or butane.) ?

Oil is by far the safest. Home heating oil is the same as diesel. You can literally drop matches in the stuff all day long, and it won’t burn. Kerosene in and of itself, is relatively safe, not as difficult to ignite as #2 home heating oil, but still safe. The problem arises is how you are going to use it. Small portable kerosene heaters, depending on type range from safe to extremely dangerous. A system whole house system running on kerosene would be relatively safe.

Heating with any gas is much riskier. You can encounter leaks in the piping system which can lead to a dangerous buildup of gases.

Natural gas, depending on where you live, can be made up largely of “producer gas” which is primarily Carbon Monoxide.
A carbon monoxide leak, besides presenting an explosion hazard, is also toxic.

Heavier petroleum gases like propane and butane (I never heard of butane used for home heating) are the least safe. Because these gases are heavier than air, a leak can cause the gas to “puddle” down on the floor. When disturbed it can then mix with air and cause an explosion.

Any heating system which burns fuel can produce carbon monoxide, so a CO detector is necessary. This is particularly true of forced hot air systems, since they are more likely to circulate the carbon monoxide throughout the living space.

So the order from safest to least safe would be:

#2 home heating oil
#1 kerosene
natural gas
producer gas (also called water gas)

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