Cheap Home Heating Oil

cheap home heating oil

cheap home heating oil
Losing Track of My Self-Interest is a Recession Hazard
COMMENTARY | The worst thing about this plague of a recession is that I’ve lost track of my self-interest. I no longer know whether I’m for high interest rates, low interest rates, a cheap dollar, a strong dollar, a roaring recovery, a steady slow climb, cheap gasoline, expensive heating oil, unemployment benefits extended to infinity, or stopped at 26 weeks.
Gas or Oil heat, which is CHEAPEST?

My hubby and I are relocating to Mass/Southern NH in 9 months….I am from FL and have NO CLUE about heating anything! Although he is from Mass…he says he doesnt remember! Is gas or oil cheaper to heat a home? I have 2 kids…so want safe….but we cannot afford to pay 700 a month to heat our home!!!!! We will be renting not owning….Help!!!

I switched over to a wood furnace on the side with a blower to avoid paying gas bills, they can attach to your furnace and have MUCH more BTU’s but I would suggest having a qualified person to install it for you. Most fuels are going to cost no matter what but wood is free if you have it…

This Week in Heating Oil: Two Visions of 2010 Oil Prices