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ceiling fan heater

ceiling fan heater
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Installing a bathroom exaust fan in a ceiling that has a flat roof over it.?

I need to install a batroom vent. The ceiling is flat and right above it is the roof. Nit sure if it is 2×6 or 2×8 beams between the roof and ceiling. No crawl space or attic. I have NO idea how to or where to begin. Exaust fans do not have instructions that go in to detail for flat roofs. I am going to get a cheep fan only. No light or heater. My main concern is Ducting it properly so I do not have issues with cold and condisation. I live in cold winter area. Any ideas or help????

Use single-wall galvanized pipe (whatever size the outlet of the fan is – don’t reduce it), poke it through the roof, get a gallon of roof tar + a roof jack, and that should do it. I like to put a thick coat of tar under the jack, then mush the jack into it, add a few screws, and use the rest of the tar to completely cover the jack. Keep some paint thinner on hand – there is an irresistible force, not well-understood by science, that attracts roof tar to the human body. Gloves are not a bad idea. Screw a vent cap to the top of the pipe.

If you can avoid a roof penetration, that’s the better way, but if you can’t, you can’t.

Also note that some fans require a 12″ straight section before elbowing up.

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