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my water heater is in the attic. during the winter one of the pipes froze. a plumber suggested installing a?

autocirc pump under one of the sinks. a good idea? no room anywhere else for water heater and all pipes and water heater are insulated. Admin @ [SMP_MESSAGE]

Do they make 20 in water heater drip trays & where do I get one?

Replacing my 30 gal water heater – which is in a wall space not much wider than the heater. Floor is not great from past water heater leaks, and I do not want to replace it right now – though I MUST prevent further damage. Only drip tray (For under the water heater to catch […]

How do you switch a gas water heater to propane?

I took out a propane water heater and I have a gas water heater. I need to convert the new gas water heater to the existing propane. Admin @ [SMP_MESSAGE]

How much better is a tankless water heater?

I am into buying a new water heater and was wondering what the pro’s and cons are between buying a old style water heater or the tank less water heaters? What is the difference between them, and if you have one how do you like it? Admin @ [SMP_MESSAGE]