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Underfloor Heating Costs

underfloor heating costs Question about heating..? underfloor heating in a house is rated at 3.5kW. How much does it cost to heat this house for a month 31 days, at 9 hours per day. Assume a cost of 12.7c/kWhr total hours= 31 days X 9 hours/day = 279 hours 3.5 kw*279 hrs= 976.5 kwh 12.7c/kwh*976.5 […]

Radiant Floor Heaters

radiant floor heaters Want to install water heater to heat water for radiant floor heat? But wonder if tankless would work with a pump to move the water though pipes in floor or should I used a regular water heater. I’am open to suggestions. Best read this first before you do anything Owners save […]