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Radiant Heat Air Conditioning

radiant heat air conditioning My apartment has a control knob on the wall called a Federal Pacific Humidity Control. What does it do? My landlord doesn’t seem to know anything about it, and the company doesn’t seem to exist anymore. Do you think it’s safe to try and use it? My apartment has radiant heat, […]

Radiant Heating Contractors

radiant heating contractors How to fix boiler for radiant heat? Hi…tired of contractors and this is what I need to do. I have a two unit building. The first unit lost a substantial amount of water from the radiators due to some home improvements, sanding floors, moving some of the radiators, etc. The system is […]

Radiant Heating? Cost and is it Worth it?

Hi, i have a 2 story contemporary with a basement and i want to put radiant heating into my master bathroom, which is about 8 ft x 10 ft, has tile flooring and is on the 2nd floor. I currently have a boiler supplying baseboard heating to 4 zones, with the master bedroom and bathroom […]

Radiant floor heating overheats!?

We have 16 years old house, lived in 2 of those years. 6000sq ft over three levels, six zones of radiant heating with six thermostats. For the last couple of weeks the whole house is around 28oC even if all the thermostats are down to 15-18oC. Gas technician came today, serviced the boiler unit, and […]