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This is the first video from our “Viewers Video” segment where we showcase GreenPowerScience inspired work or other work that offers great ideas in the Green Energy Field. Joe Carruth built this by himself and this is the third prototype of his design. The unit weighs 1.5 tons and is 12.5 ft x 14.5 ft […]

Milestone Electric – January

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Riz Khan – The other oil spill

The BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico is now the biggest oil disaster in US history. But beyond the media spotlight in Nigeria, environmentalists say as much as 550 million gallons of oil have poured into the Niger Delta River in the past 50 years and people who live there blame Shell for ruining […]

FREE ENERGY SOLAR POWER STIRLING ENGINE FRESNEL LENS This is the first segment of our half-hour weekly program. Available in HD. Shot with a Canon XH A1. THIS IS THE FULL VERSION. Solar Training Solar Thermal Training Green Power Green Energy Science. Admin @ [SMP_MESSAGE]