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Residential Heating Systems

Residential Heating Systems Converting residential oil boiler to electric system? Can an existing residential oil burning boiler system be converted to an electric heated boiler system by merely replacing the boiler unit and adding a dedicated electrical supply line. The house is nearly 100 years old and the existing system is still functioning properly. Do […]

Electrical Heating Systems

electrical heating systems Who is responsible for the electrical system (wire repair in the walls) in a Condo? I live in California. My dryer was not generating heat. I called a repair man. He informmed me that the dryer was fine and that I needed to call an electrician for the building wireing. Now my […]

Efficient Home Heating Systems

Efficient Home Heating Systems I need a new heating and A/C system in my home.? I want too replace my exsisting heating and A/C unit because it is 22 years old and seems to need a better efficient unit. What is the best rated furnace and A/C unit on the market for the best price. […]

Heating Systems

heating systems Can Under floor heating systems be incorporated to existing concrete floored School buildings? The existing concrete floor school buildingis 5000 Sq.m in area with 3 storey’s, located in Scotland. The space heating of the building is being served with a boiler located at the basement. Can this existing boiler be used to supply […]