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Heating Oil Systems

heating oil systems Oil central heating trips electrics? My oil heating system keeps tripping the RCA fuse on the electrical circuit. We have had the boiler checked and assured that is not the problem. Pump, programmer all seem to be running OK, so what could be causing this? It is reaching overload on that circuit […]

Oil Heaters Home

oil heaters home How much oil does a mobile home’s oil heater use up per cycle? I have the thermostat set at 70 degrees, and the temp. outside now is 48 degrees. It’s one of those closet units. The house is about 450 sq. ft. the average moble home uses either a .579, .60, or […]

Heating Oil Furnace

heating oil furnace Question about a oil furnace/heat pump combo.? My oil furnace/heat pump combo has been acting a little weird lately. The guy that installed it is coming to look at it today so I want to be able to tell him what is going on. (This guy is not much on giving me […]

Home Oil Heaters

home oil heaters diesel fuel for home heating oil? Can I use diesel fuel from the truck stop in my home heater. It is much less money Yes you can! Just buy it (tell them it for a reefer-unit and they will take the road tax off, making it even cheaper) and then carefully dump […]