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Central Air Conditioning Units Prices

central Air Conditioning Units Prices central air conditioning? We are looking to install a central air unit to the existing ductwork in our house. So far we have gotten a number of quotes where the 16 SEER unit is about $2,000 more than the 13 SEER unit including labor. This seems like a large discrepancy. […]

Carrier Air Conditioning Prices

carrier Air Conditioning Prices Good price for a used air conditioner? We have a window unit at work. It is a Carrier. It is in good condition. It is a year old. The building I wiork in is redoing the air condition and we no longer need the unit. It originally cost the company $650 […]

Central Air Conditioning System

central air conditioning system Central Air Conditioning Replacement, Part 1 Heating For Home

Central Air Conditioning Unit Prices

central air conditioning unit prices What kind of replacement central A/C unit should I get? Existing A/C unit died. 15 year old 2,200 s.f home in the Northeast. 8 rooms. Well maintained, 3 zone, forced hot air, oil furnace, located in the basement. Duct work in good condition. Need new outside unit + inside coil. […]