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Electric Vs Gas Heating Cost

electric vs gas heating cost gas fireplace vs Electric Heater cost? moving in to a new place and it has a gas fireplace. i dont have to pay for tank storage but i do have to pay for the propaine. any way is this an effictient heating system and cost less then the standard electric […]

Electric Heaters For The Home

electric heaters for the home Which costs more to use, an ac, an Electric Heater, or using your home’s heat when it runs off electricity? Over the summer, I ran my ac a lot, but the bill wasn’t that high( I stay in a studio apt). Now, that the fall and winter are approaching, I […]

Types Of Electric Heaters

types of electric heaters Want to buy a space heater, need advice in regards to fire safety and electric bill changes? I have a medium-sized bedroom, and need a space heater! I was looking into the Lasko ones, but wanted to find out if these are the safest ones to use, as this is a […]

Electrical Heating Systems

electrical heating systems The last one… finally… Probability? The following is a distribution of the causes of fire nationally: Cooking – 30% Smoking – 17% Appliances – 16% Heating Systems – 10% Electrical Systems – 5% Other – 22% If it is known that a fire was not caused by the heating or electrical systems, […]