Carrier Heat Pump

carrier heat pump

carrier heat pump
A Sonny Day: Official duties winding down, Perdue returning home
Sonny Perdue is flying. The state Capitol spears the distance off his right wing. Stone Mountain scrolls past. It is morning, mid-December, overcast and Yankee-cold. The pilot, who is also the governor of the state below, is bound for east Georgia. A new prison, for which Perdue is attending the groundbreaking, is about to be hailed as a struggling small town’s “salvation
labor cost to replace evaporator coil on a carrier 3.5 ton heat pump?

I would charge 600-1000 plus the price of refrigerant.The variance would be higher if in a crawl space or attic.Also there would be a charge if I have to chase down the coil and have to chase the warranty papers around.Normally you have the person who got paid the big bucks for installing the system do this job.

Carrier Heat Pump Noise Problem