Carrier Heat Pump Prices

carrier heat pump prices

carrier heat pump prices
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is this to much for central ac installed?

i have a 1000 sq foot ranch style 2 bedroom house. no basement and the attic is for storage only, no garage.
we had a well known reliable company come in and give us an estimate for $10,389.
this is for carrier brand infinity series 19 SEER 2 ton central ac system with heat pump (our current heat is electric baseboard). our current system is at least 25 years old. they have to redo all the wiring and drainage. the guy said it would take at least 6 hours for them to do this since everything except the duct work is wrong. of course this price does not include rebates and tax credits.
this seems like a lot to me, am i wrong???
serious answers only please!
this price does include everything. disposal of old unit and the permits……
this unit qualifies for $3,100 in rebates that they will do all the paperwork for. we also are not having to pay sales tax.
so if you subtract the $10389-3100= total net cost is $7,289

If they’re well known, I’d say it is high but they will do it correctly and stand behind it. That’s just what they charge to run their business.
You also bought a top of the line, too, about the only kind that gives a rebate.
I worked last year for an established company that had many wealthy customers and that’s what they would charge.

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