Can you mix Kerosene with home heating oil?

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I heat my home with a boiler and I wondered if I could mix the two fuels together if I should start to run low between oil fill ups.

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5 Responses to “Can you mix Kerosene with home heating oil?”

  1. James H Says:

    Yes you can. In some cold areas it’s sold that way to prevent gelling in outside tanks. It will not explode!

  2. rockfish Says:

    no. fire hazard.

  3. Mom of 2 great boys Says:


    Not only fire hazard, but fume hazard!!


  4. Jordo the HVAC guy Says:

    ABSOLUTELY NOT! Your oil fired heater is designed to burn on home heating oil. It’s diesel fuel that contains a red dye that indicates that it hasn’t been taxed (strictly for home heating use). You can use regular diesel that you would buy at the gas station but that wouldn’t be cost effective. I believe kerosene is more corrosive, and may cause an explosion if you try to burn it in your heater. I wouldn’t try it.

  5. Foggy Says:

    I would not do it simply because it might mess up the fuel pump.

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