Does Insulation Wrap Help?

Does Insulation Wrap Help?

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How do I install aluminium fascia on my house. I now have wood fascia boards.?

I am residing my house. New vinyl siding, sofitt and fascia complete with house wrap and insulation board. I must put my seamless gutters up first as I had my foundation redone with steel piers and anchors. The contractor for the foundation told me to get the gutter up asap. So I must do the fascia first. Can someone give me instructions to put the fascia on step by step. Also do I need to remove the old wood fascia first? Please help as I can’t afford the labor on a contractor right now.

If the wood fascia is in reasonable condition, it should stay. If it is rotting or otherwise in disrepair, it needs to come down, and you will need to replace it. The aluminum can’t be hung on the rafter tails without something to back it up.

Your soffit needs to go up first. I can’t tell if you already had new siding, soffit & fascia put up, although if you did it wouldn’t make sense to be doing fascia cover now. Unless perhaps you had wood put up and want to cover it now? Anyway, soffit first, as the bottom of the fascia cover should overlap the bottom of the soffit to cover the exposed end.

Measure the height of your fascia board and the total lineal footage of fascia that you have. Go to a home center, or better yet a good lumber yard and get some pre-bent fascia cover. Look for a cover that is hemmed on the bottom edge (the aluminum is folded over so the raw edge is not exposed). Also, ribbed is best. It will have one or two ridges formed into the face. Helps keep it straighter and eliminates problems from expansion and contraction. You don’t need a break, and really it is better than what is bent on the job because of the ribs.

Also, you will need stainless steel trim nails that are painted to match your trim. Aluminum nails will work, but they are a bear to drive in without bending half (or more) of them. Do not use galvanized nails, as you will soon have black streaks and eventually your fascia cover will fall down and make a clang. You will also need a hammer, a small handy square, a good utility knife and a decent pair of tin snips. The ones that look like gorilla scissors are best, they cut nice and clean.

Now, some instructions courtesy of the fine folks at Alcoa who happen to make really good siding and stuff. Fascia cover too, if you know anyone that needs some. This is a PDF file, not to big.

Hope this helps.

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