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buy space heater

buy space heater
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Need efficient space heater?

I live in a almost 800sqft mobile home. its a older home, so its a little drafty. now my old Coleman gas furnace w/ blower works to heat the home, but not very well when its fairly cold out. also the thermostat is on the wall right above one of the heating vents so when the Thermostat reaches the desired temp, the rest of the house is still i bit cooler. i’m trying to conserve energy and gas (little expensive gas bill), for a lower total bill or keep the same total bill but be able to keep the rest of the home or one room a little warmer. ex. lower the gas bill but increase the electric with a space heater, but am able to keep it warmer. what is the best type of heater i can buy for around $50 to keep whatever room i’m currently in, warmer? the furnace is constantly running and burning fuel to keep the thermostat at my desired temp. so thought sticking a space heater in the room with the thermostat will work to either keep it warmer or lower the bill. anybody have any suggestions?

You need a fan, not a space heater. Go buy a box fan for $10. Run it on low when your heat is on. Blow the hot air away from the thermostat.

This will circulate the heat that you do have, so that the space is heated evenly. This will also make your thermostat behave more appropriately.

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