Brivis Ducted Heating

brivis ducted heating

Does anyone know how to change the battery in a Brivis Climate Systems ducted heating control panel?

The screen is flashing ‘Replace Battery’ and I haven’t a clue how. (Can’t find the instruction manual). Also what type of battery does it need?

Thanks heaps for any help.

Well, it has to come off the wall and most use three AAs or three AAAs.

Manuals for the varied controls they use are here:

Click on yours for the manual.

I have a honeywell thermostat like the one third row left. Note it has two screws in the bottom corners you can see with the lower panel open. After loosening the screws it comes off by tilting the bottom out and unhooking the top.

But I see some they use do the opposite, unhook from the top first. And since they are plastic it is important to select your particular one and know exactly how to get it apart so as not to break the tabs that hold it.

Good Luck.

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