Bottled Gas Heating

bottled gas heating

bottled gas heating
Forecast: End of fall likely frigid
With the weather forecast calling for continued frigid conditions, authorities are reminding residents to use caution and common sense as they heat their homes. According to the National Weather Service, daytime high temperatures this week have not topped 40 degrees, though by week’s end they may warm up into 50s. The mercury has dropped into the 20s at night. While everyone wants to keep warm …
Advice for house with expensive LPG central heating?

We have bought a house which uses bottles of LPG for central heating, and cooking. The 3-bedroom semi uses £125 of LPG every 3 weeks! and has been recently serviced.

There is no natural gas as it is a rural area

What advice can you give?
Is £125 every 3 weeks as outrageous as I think?
Would you switch to and alternative fuel?
Would an oil system be more expensive?


How efficient is the boiler?
How well insulated is your house?
Oil would be a cheaper option,but you would need to outlay a good few thousand pounds to switch to an alternative.

Tevis Oil and Propane, Westminster, MD