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boilers for sale
Hammond Lumber buys Pineland Lumber Co.
LEWISTON — The time was right for a change. Pineland has been a local icon since its founders bought land and buildings covering a considerable area of Androscoggin River shoreline along the Lewiston side near the Great Falls.
Who Has Had Bad Phone Calls??

I have had 4 phone calls in a 2-week span from E-MS SALES. Each caller has promised to take me off of their call list. It hasn’t happened. Numbers that promise to remove your phone # CAN do it within a 24-hour period. Call centers have the ability to merely type in your number on their ‘removal list’ and it is done! Has anyone else recieved calls from this business? Let me hear about it. I’m going to write the Attorney General in Arizona about this trash!!
By the Way, their phone number is: 602-938-4258. That puts the boiler room in Phoenix, Scottsdale, or Laveen, Arizona.
Thanks for the help

go to this website and see who else has complained about this number!!

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